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Render Interface

The Viewer displays the graphic results of the evaluated geometric operations.


Features available include:

Highlighting of currently selected operation

Visual selection of an operation

3D orbit rotation in a single mouse motion to view all sides of the Macro



Full control of color options for all aspects of the operations and the display

Right-Click shortcut mouse menu for ease of navigation

XYZ Axis indicators

X Axis - Red axis indicator

Y Axis - Green axis indicator

Z Axis - Blue axis indicator


By placing the mouse over the Viewer activates the Viewer commands.

Selecting an Operation - position the cursor over the desired operation and click the left button. The operation will change to a highlighted color and the Explorer and Editor will select the operation. Selection can occur at any rotation, scale or panned location.

3D Orbit Rotate - position the cursor over the image and press and hold the left button. The 3Dmovearrowcursor will appear.



Use one of the following methods to orbit around the objects:

To rotate along the XY plane, drag the cursor left or right

To rotate along the Z axis, drag the cursor up and down.

To rotate using both XY plane and Z axis, drag the cursor in a diagonal direction back and forth.

Release the left button to stop the rotation.

Shown view was rotated by moving the cursor from the lower left to the upper right for a short distance.


Zooming - by rotating the mouse wheel the image is zoomed in and out. Forward rotation of the wheel zooms in and backward rotation of the wheel zooms out.



Shown view was zoomed in by rotating the mouse wheel forward. Also, the left button was clicked over the half-moon feature and is selected. The selected operation is drawn in the highlighted color.

Panning - by pressing and holding down the mouse wheel and moving the mouse panning is performed. A pan moves the operations in the direction of the mouse movement. When panning the cursor changes to a PanningCursorimage.



Shown view was panned down to view the axis indicators.

Right-Click Short Cut Menu - a right click while on the image will show a menu of options to aid in viewing the Macro from different pre-defined directions.



View Options include:

Reset - resets the view to top with no zoom or pan.

Iso - Isometric view

Top - Top view

Front - Front view looking along the positive Y axis

Left - Left view looking along the positive X axis

Back - Back view looking along a negative Y axis

Right - Right view looking along a negative X axis

Axis Off - turns off the axis indicators. Toggles Off/On

See Text Operation for "Text On" option.

Color Options - all operations and image colors are user selectable. Any settings of these colors will be saved in the Macro Builder and will be used each time the Macro Builder is run. A reset to the default settings is available.



Color selection for all items in the image.

The left image shows the menu options.

The right image shows the color selection


All color changes are displayed immediately

upon selection.


The color selections used for the Viewer are also the colors that will be used for drawing operations in AutoCAD. See "Execute Drawing and 3D Solid".