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Execute Drawing and 3D Solid


Execute develops AutoCAD geometry and/or a 3D Solid that represents the Macro Operations. The Execute is of particular importance to Router-CIM Automation. The layer names used can be directly linked to cutting knowledge in Router-CIM Automation. See Router-CIM Automation documentation for details. The Macro Builder has a default set of layer names used to reference cutting knowledge. It may be necessary to define different layer names through the Editor Layer Override feature to meet your automation needs.

Draw - each operation is created using AutoCAD polylines. The assigned color is given to the polylines

Solid - each operation that is closed ( or can be made closed ) and has depth is subtracted from the Panel solid to produce a 3D Solid that represents the Macro.

Draw and Solid - both the Drawing and the 3D Solid are produced in AutoCAD.

When an execute is performed the Macro Builder dialog is closed and the AutoCAD screen is available. All AutoCAD functions are available to investigate the results. If a previous Execute was performed and the drawing is in AutoCAD, those objects are deleted and replaced with the new executed objects.

The 3D Solid features use the same colors as the operation that represents the feature. If both Draw and Solid is used the polylines for Draw or "on top" of the 3D Solid for ease of feature selection.

Example AutoCAD Draw

Example AutoCAD 3D Solid




To return to the Macro Builder - Right-Click in AutoCAD and select "Repeat MAC". If other AutoCAD commands have been used since the Execute then select "Recent Input" and select "MAC". If not in the list, type MAC at the command line.