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Text Parameters

Text - the text characters

X Start - X reference location

Y Start - Y reference location

Height - the height of the text

Angle - the angle of the text in degrees

Depth - the depth of the text


Each of the available justifications will locate the text relative to the X Start and Y Start. Example: Middle would align the text with the text centered around the X Start and Y Start location.

Convert Text to Geometry

This option will convert the text into complex polylines defined with lines and arcs. These polylines can be used for developing tooling paths. Also, this option can be used to develop Profile Operations that can then be pocketed. Use the Text Operation to make the polylines, then execute the Macro, use the resulting polylines as definitions to Profile Operations and delete the Text Operation.

Available Styles...


Text styles can be defined in AutoCAD using the style command. Reference the AutoCAD documentation. These defined styles can be selected using the Available Styles button when defining your text style.


Viewing Text in the Viewer

Text defaults to a icon when rendered in the Viewer. There is a "Text On" option in the View menu of the Viewer. By selecting this option the Viewer will render the text as actual text instead of an icon.