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The Profile Operation is a collection of lines and arcs that define a polyline. Each line or arc in the definition of a polyline is a segment. The start point of a segment is always the end point of the previous segment. The Profile is presented in a grid representing all the segments. Also, there is a Geometry Editor for each segment. Starting with a start point for the Profile each segment's end point can be defined using three methods for a line and five different methods for an arc.


View of the Profile Grid


View of the Profile Geometry Editor on the left with the Profile Grid on the right


View of the Profile Start

Steps required to define a Profile

1) A Profile definition starts with the X Start, Y Start and Depth defined in the Profile Start pane.

2) The next segment's type and end point definition is defined by selecting the * selector in the Profile Grid. In the Type column select either Line or Arc.

3) Select the Geometry Editor located to the left of the Profile Grid. This will show the Profile Geometry Editor.

4) Select a Method of Construction. Each choice is states Line or Arc. Only those that are associated with the selected Type of Geometry can be selected.

5) Provide parameter values for all the parameters available for the selected Method of Construction

6) Repeat step 2 for the next segment.

7) Press Accept when complete.

You can Accept anytime after the first segment is defined. The Viewer will show the Profile as currently defined.

Validation Process

Each combination described above is validated for the correct number and types of parameters defined. The parameters must meet one of the above combinations to be accepted.


Reference the Sides, Corners and UCS for details.

Condition and Record Data

Reference the Editor Interface for details.