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The Panel Operation is the basic dimensional reference for a Macro. It defines the Length, Width and Thickness references that will be used when developing the Macro.

Length - X dimension

Width - Y dimension

Thickness - Z dimension

Corner Radius - radius of filleted corners

Units - Inch or Metric

All dimensions are defined from the World Coordinate position of 0, 0, 0. The Z dimension is defined in the negative Z direction even though the dimension is defined as a positive number. The start definition coordinate is 0, 0, 0 and the opposite corner of the Panel would have the coordinate of 18, 24, -0.75.

Ignore Panel on Execute - The Panel definition can be used as just a reference and not to be actually executed by selecting this option.

Macro Notes - a 128 text box for any notes you may want. These notes are only saved in the database and are not available when saved to file. When opening a file, the name of the file is indicated in the Notes as shown.

Record Data - Reference Editor Interface. Notes in Record Data are saved to file.


Reference the Viewer Interface for Axis indicators.


Panel Parameter Requirements

The Length, Width and Thickness Panel parameters require numeric values only, no variables. An attempt to enter a variable in these fields will not be accepted.

Validation Process

The Length, Width and Thickness parameters must be all be positive numbers greater than zero.