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Label Designer


This Label Designer allows you to make a template of where you want part properties to appear on a printed label.




The Label Designer lets you create custom labels that can be individually created or designed to match a sheet template that you have created or to create individual labels for use with the Touch-N-Print labeling system or a stand-alone printing system.


Note: If creating labels for a sheet template, the size of the label must match exactly to the label size determined by the Sheet Layout.


There are 5 different labels that you have access to:

1) Part Label

2) Job Label

3) Material Label

4) Scrap Label

5) NC Code Label


To create a custom label using the Label Designer, click here.


Select a label listed above for more information.


Once your labels have been designed and/or your sheet layout templates, you will create a configuration or multiple configurations that you want for your labels when a job is run in Router-CIM Automation Suite.


For information setting up a configuration for use in the job, click here.