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Installing On A Different Computer

Note: Follow the procedure for installing Router-CIM described here and then proceed to this section.


1) Install your Post Processor(s) from the same setup files you used on the previous system. Or, create a pack and go on the previous system and import it on the new system.


2) Install any optional add-ons such as Advanced Nesting, CutSim, Multi-CIM or Solid-CIM 3D. If you are installing Solid-CIM 3D, be sure to copy your authorization file (rcimauth.key) to C:\Router-CIM. This file would have been emailed to you at the time the lock was authorized. You can also copy it from the C:\Router-CIM folder of a previous install or backup.


3) Knowledge drawings and DOIT files are a simple copy and paste. Their location is set from Router-CIM Automation Suite under File > Settings > System Folders . Find these files on the old system and place them in the same folder structure on the new system. If your files are located on a network that the new computer also has access to, you will not need to move the files.


4) Your materials, job library, and Automation settings are stored in the database.


 A) Either click File > Database Maintenance or run the RCIM DB Manager shortcut to access the database utilities window.

 B) From the previous system, use the 'Backup' button to create a backup of the database(s).

         For more information on backing up the database, click here.

 C) Copy the backup file from C:\Router-CIM\Automation\Database\Backups to the same location on the new system.

         Note: The backup(s) must be in that folder to be able to restore them.

 D) On the new system, use the 'Restore New' button in the RCIM DB Manager to restore the database backup(s).