Router-CIM Automation Suite



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Installation Quick Start


These installation notes assume that AutoCAD 2017, 2018 or 2019 is installed and functioning properly.  


Make sure you are logged in with at least Local Administrator privileges on your system.        


The Router-CIM program is installed in the following manner.

Unplug any USB hardware locks previously installed.        

Insert the Router-CIM Installation CD and it will start automatically.        

If the Installation doesn't start automatically, pick Start, Run, D:\SETUP.EXE (where D: is the CD ROM drive letter).        

The Router-CIM installation serial number will determine the installation options of Router-CIM. The serial number is included on the CD that Router-CIM is installed from.  If Nesting was purchased, the Router-CIM installation will automatically install the product.        

The Install will place the Router-CIM files in the default locations.        

The install procedure searches for AutoCAD on your hard disk, and uses this location to build icons to run the Router-CIM program.

Once the install is finished, reboot the computer, plug in the USB hardware locks and you will be able to run the product.

If any custom post processors are necessary, install them now.  The procedure to install the post processors is to simply run the .exe file that contains the post processor, and answer a few default questions during the install.