Router-CIM Automation Suite



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Critical Issues




After Router-CIM is properly installed and configured for use, all pertinent folders should be backed up. A simple method is by copying them and placing them in a new folder. The proper way would be to make a CD, or back up to tape or another easy to restore method.


CD Recorders, DVD Recorders, External Hard Drives, and Tape backups are all valid ways to back these folders up. Floppy disks are not a good choice. It would take a large number of them to get each folder in its entirety. Typically all of the folders can fit on one CD.  After using the system for a while, the backups that Router-CIM stores on your system could mean that more than one CD is necessary.        


A Note on CD Recorders: Each file that is backed up in this fashion may become read-only. This means you can only look at the documents without altering or editing them. It will be necessary to change the properties of the files back from read-only after the folder is copied. The method of doing this varies depending on your operating system.        


The folders to back up are as follows:






(C: is assumed here to be the installation drive.)        



CIM-Tech is NOT Responsible for your loss of productivity or data! If you do not back up your system completely and you lose data without a backup, your only option is to re-install the software and start over.