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Advanced Settings


The Advanced Settings are primarily used for Technical Support and for Managed Record Locking when using Shared Databases.




Utilize Manager Record Locking (Advanced Database Sharing)

Managed record locking for jobs prevents users in the shared database system from modifying a job that someone else is currently on. You can view data on the job, but any modifications made to the job are not saved when the focus moves to another job or Automation is closed. Access to part data is not enabled. Access to Dynamic variable information is read only.




The Router-CIM Automation Suite interface will indicate what jobs are currently locked in the current database.



You will also see that if you select on the job that is in use, a message will appear at the bottom of the interface notifying you that it is in use and show you who is currently in the job:




Breaking a Job Lock

Sometimes it is necessary to “Break” a job lock. For instance, if one user leaves for the day and did not shutdown Router-CIM Automation Suite, leaving a job open, then that job is basically inaccessible to everyone else using this database until they return. In cases like this, you will want to free that job so someone else can work with it. To do this, right click the job that is locked, it will be red and select 'Break Job Lock'.