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Cutter Bridge (Multi-Bridge)




When a knowledge has this field populated with a positive number, it will create an additional cutter bridge (offset) when it is nested through Router-CIM Automation Suite if the knowledge is used.


When this knowledge(s) is used, the outside shaped defined by the nesting engine will be increased by the value in the Cutter Bridge field.


The most common situations to use this feature are for small parts where you want an additional cutter bridge (offset) in order to better hold the part or if you are using a profile cutter on specific parts and you need the additional cutter bridge (offset) in order to prevent the profile tool from interfering with parts that may be nested next to it.


Note: Only one knowledge with a Cutter Bridge value may be used per part. Multiple knowledges with a Cutter Bridge value may be used in a job as long as they are assigned to different layers.


For example, if you need to have an additional cutter bridge (offset) around a part that has a specific profile that the normal bridge width set for that material will not be able to accommodate, you can use the Cutter Bridge field to add the additional offset needed.




Note: In order for Router-CIM to use this field, the 'Enable Cutter Bridge' option needs to be checked in the 'Small Part Options' area under the 'Job Settings' tab in Router-CIM Automation Suite


When this knowledge is used during a job run in Router-CIM Automation Suite, an additional bridge will be added to the boundary of the part so there will be a larger overall bridge width when the part is nested by Router-CIM Automation Suite: