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.STK File Format

.STK is identical to .VEC in format. Each .STK is a TEXT file containing the x and y co-ordinates of vertices of an irregular stock (ir-stock) profile(s) arranged in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. If some segments of the profiles are arcs, bulge values will be attached to the starting vertices of arcs, or if the profile is a circle, center point and radius of the circle will be recorded. One example of a .STK file is described as follows:


1   #

2     # AutoNEST V9 ENGLISH

3    # Shape Name = i-stk5.vec _anest_.dxf

4    # First Line = InsertionPoint(x, y), ShapeArea, ShapePerimeter,

5   # ShapeRectLength, ShapeRectWidth

6     @ Vec not Compressed

7     1348.368819 1166.007848 9300121.582944 13124.084835 3806.703954 3258.750718

8     76.849897 3491.494663

9     1552.213191 3464.786885

10   1685.943538 3037.462253

11   2207.491994 2182.812964

12    3183.723608 1969.150661

13    3883.553851 1555.179906

14    3883.553851 232.743945

15   77.681652 232.743945

16    76.849897 3491.494663


(Note: The above line numbers are strictly for referencing purposes, they do not appear in the file.)


Description of .STK File Format


Line 1 to 5

Lines start with "#" character denote comments. There is no limit to the number of comment lines.

The 'AutoNEST V9 English’, must be in one of the comment lines. The ‘V9’ reference number is used to check the different formats of files of different software releases. ‘English’ indicates what language version of current AutoNest you are using.


Line 6

'@ Vec not Compressed' is a file header identifier to indicate this ir-stock file has not been compressed. It will be followed by a section describing the external profile of an ir-stock.


Line 7

First pair of co-ordinates is always assumed to be the ir-stock’s

Insertion point. X and Y co-ordinates in real number. No restrictions on the length of field.


Second real number is the Area of ir-stock.

Third real number is the Perimeter of ir-stock.

The last two real numbers are the Length & Width of the enclosing Rectangle of the ir-stock.


Line 8-16

X and Y co-ordinates of each vertex of the external profile.

X and Y co-ordinates in real numbers.

No restrictions on the length of field.



Notes on overall geometry of an Irregular stock


Each profile of geometry must be closed.
No crossing over on each profile itself or between profiles.
Not more that 1500 vertices per profile, which includes the starting and ending vertices of arcs.