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Tool Type and Tool Category




Type and Category are used for certain types of CNC machines. Currently these fields are used by the system, and no user input is needed. Your Router-CIM Post Processor's Application notes will give you further information on these fields if necessary.


Tool Type for Engraving Tool

When an Engraving tool (VBIT) is selected, the tool type field will allow you to build a tool for the CutSIM add-on and for the Advanced Cycles add-on.




When the 'Engrave Tool' button is selected, the 'Engrave Tool Parameters' screen will open.




To define an engraving (VBIT), you will need to fill in the following fields:


1) Shaft Length - Distance from tip of the tool to maximum effective depth of the tool

2) Flute Length - Distance from tip of the tool to flute/cutting edge maximum

3) Taper Angle - Angle defined by the center to taper

4) Diameter - Distance from minimum tip of the tool. The smallest value acceptable in this field is 0.002