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There are five different types of CutOut Operations available:





Insert - uses a defined named block in the current drawing or a named drawing file

Profile - used the last defined (evaluated) Profile Operation

The checked type is the definition for the selected CutOut Operation.

Circle CutOut Parameters


X Center - X location of Circle

Y Center - Y location of Circle

Z Start - Z location of Circle

Depth - depth of Circle

Radius - radius of Circle

Rectangle CutOut Parameters


X Start - X start location of Rectangle

Y Start - Y start location of Rectangle

X Length - length of Rectangle in X

Y Width - width of Rectangle in Y

Depth - depth of Rectangle

Radius - radius of corner fillets

Ellipse CutOut Parameters


X Center - X center of Ellipse

Y Center - Y center of Ellipse

Z Start - Z location of Ellipse

X Length - length of major axis

Y Width - length of minor axis

Depth - depth of Ellipse

Rotation - rotation angle in degrees

Insert CutOut Parameters


X Start - X location of Block insert

Y Start - Y location of Block insert

Z Start - Z location of Block insert

Scale - scale of Block insert

Rotation - rotation angle in degrees

Blk. Name - name of Block

[Browse Blocks...] - displays a list of block names in the current drawing for selection

[Browse Drawings...] - displays a list of drawing files for selection

Profile CutOut Parameters


No Parameters - a display of the last evaluated Profile in the Macro sequence prior to this CutOut Operation.

Pocketing Parameters


Any of the CutOut types can be pocketed. Pocketing is the process of developing tool motions that will remove all the material inside of the CutOut.

The method of pocketing is in a Spiral Offset path.

Offset - the offset distance of the tool path next to the edge of the CutOut

Step Over - the distance between all other tool paths in the pocket.

Array Parameters

The array parameters are exactly the same as those detailed in the Drill Operation. Reference the Drill Operation.

Validation Process

Each combination described above is validated for the correct number and types of parameters defined. The parameters must meet one of the above combinations to be accepted.

Sides, Corners, and UCS Override

Reference the Sides, Corners and UCS for details.

Condition and Record Data

Reference the Editor Interface for details.