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Explorer Interface

An operation's attribute is displayed for reference only. To edit any operation's information use the Editor when the operation is selected. The Macro sequence is displayed in a grid form. Each operation is listed in the order they appear in the sequence. Operation numbers are provided to the left of the grid to indicate the position in the Macro sequence. Each operation's basic attributes are displayed in the columns of the grid. Most operations share the same type of basic information so the columns reflect those basic attributes. If an operation's attribute is not reflected in the operation's information the content of that column will be blank.

Navigating the Explorer

Selecting any row in the grid selects a operation. The Editor and the Viewer will highlight the selected operation.

If the grid rows extend past the Explorer pane there will be a scroll bar on the right side that can scroll through the operations. Also, using the mouse wheel will scroll through the operations. See "The Interface" for more information on the mouse wheel usage.

Most operations consist of one entry in the Explorer. Global Variables, Local Variables, Mac Variables and Profile use multiple records to defined their complete operation. There are expansion indicators to the left of these operations in the Explorer. These expansion indicates are seen as a + sign. To expand the operation information to view all the records for these operations click on the + sign. To collapse the records select the - sign.

The grid columns can be resized by selecting the column title edges and dragging the edge. If a content of a cell is not totally visible you can hover the mouse over the cell and the entire contents will displayed.

Macro Sequence Structure

The sequence of operations has "fixed" operations and "editable" operations. The fixed operations always occur at the same location in the Macro and can not be moved in the sequence. All other editable operations can be relocated in the Macro sequence.

The first three operations in a Macro are fixed in the sequence. The operations and order are:

Global Variables


Local Variables

These are fixed in the order described above and can not be relocated in the Macro sequence. The Global and Local Variables operations have multiple records in their definitions. Each always contain at least one record ( whether used or not in the Macro logic ).


In the above image the current selected operation is highlighted in the grid.


In the above image the current selected operation is the first record in a Profile operation using the expand grid indictor. See the Profile Operation section for the description of information.

Operations Information

Each column heading represents an attribute of an operation. The cells in a column represents the value of that attribute. If an attribute is not associated to a particular operation then the cell value for that operation will be blank. The column headings and definitions are:

Operation - the name of the operation. ( xx ) indicates the number of records available in the operation. Select the expansion indicator to view the records.

X Start - X start location of a geometric operation. Defined as a formula, variable name or number.

Y Start - Y start location of a geometric operation. Defined as a formula, variable name or number.

Depth - Z depth of a geometric operation. Defined as a formula, variable name or number.

Condition - a logical formula that can evaluate to True or False as a result. Determines whether the operation will be evaluated, render and executed.

Evaluate - the result of the condition. If the condition evaluates to True then Yes is shown. Otherwise, No is shown.

Corners - corners used as references in the definition of an operation. LL - Lower Left, UL - Upper Left, UR - Upper Right, LR - Lower Right of the Panel definition.

Sides - the sides of the Panel the operation is executed on. T - Top, L - Left, B - Back, R Right, F - Front of the Panel.

Notes - text notes that can be added to the operation definition in the Editor.