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CRC Offset


Cutter Radius Compensation


This location generates a D value for using Cutter Compensation (G42) or (G41) depending on the post processor. The task called autocrc will automatically use the specified tool number for the CRC Offset number only when the tool attribute Cutter Compensation is set to 'Yes' or 'Both'.


If Cutter Compensation is set to 'No' this field is ignored.


When the CRC Offset field is set to autocrc, then Router-CIM will automatically generate a D number for you as long as the specified tool number is a valid number for the post and is not a drill.


Cutter Radius Compensation automatic

Automatic setting of D value



You can put any number into this field if you don't want to use the Autocrc task (if you don't want the system to automatically generate a D number).  The number must be in quotes to be considered valid.


Cutter Radius Compensation manual

Manual setting of D value


Remember that the Post processor system will automatically assign a D value for each tool as long as autocrc is listed in this location. Check the Application notes for the offset number for each tool.  Replacing the number in the autocrc field with any number (in quotes) will set that number for the D value in the cut, and can also be stored in a knowledge so that you do not have to reset the number again.