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Lead Feed




This sets lead-in and lead-out feedrates. The default is 0.5, Router-CIM's standard 50% feedrate for lead-in and lead-out.


Setting the parameter to a number less than 1.0 is a percentage of max feedrate set in the Control Panel.

Setting the parameter to a number greater than 1.0 will give you an exact feedrate.


Setting the Leadfeed to 180 on a cut where the normal feedrate is 600, would allow the feedrate to be slower on the lead in than normal.  Normally the lead in would be 300.  In the code the lead move feedrate would appear on the same line as the lead.




N1 G00 G17 G20 G28 G40 G80 G91 Z0 M5

N2 G90

N3 G52 X0 Y0 Z0

N4 G08 P1

N5 M08


N7 G28 G91 Z0 M05

N8 G90 T2001 M06

N9 T102

N10 M03 S18000

N11 G00 G17 G55 X5. Y-.249

N12 G00 G43 H1 Z.25

N13 G01 X3. Z-.75 F180.  <<<<<< Lead In feedrate here.

N14 X.5 F600.            <<<<<< Normal cut feedrate here.

N15G02 X-.249 Y.5 J.749



You could also set the Leadfeed in the example above to 0.3 and get the same result as 180 is 30% of 600.