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Layer List Settings


The Outside Layer lists are used by Router-CIM Automation Suite to associate which layers will contain the outside geometry used for nesting and which layers to exclude from a drawing when considering a part for nesting.


Note: If you are receiving 'Part not OK for Nesting' or in your nested drawings you are seeing a part '1X1', you have not properly entered in the correct Outside layer into the 'Outside Layers' column.




Outside Layers

In this list you should include any layer that will contain geometry that will be the outside of the part when the part will be nested.  Router-CIM Automation Suite will check each part and when the geometry of the outside of the part is found, it is checked against this list and then the part is passed to the nest program.


A common cause of parts not showing up in a nest is that the parts outside layer was not included in this list.  Another common mistake is to have an inside cut be on a layer that is in this list also, that can cause parts nesting on the top of other parts.


An important note is that Router-CIM Automation Suite looks at this list in order until it finds a match, and so moving a layer higher in the priority in the list will cause Router-CIM Automation Suite to find one layer before another.


Using the 'Layer Name is Prefix' option will cause Router-CIM Automation Suite to look at the name given here as just the prefix of the whole layers name.  For instance if you had geometry on both layer OutsideDoorBigTool and OutsideDoorSmallTool and put the layer name OutsideDoor in the list and checked 'Layer Name is prefix'...than both those layers would be considered as outside geometry.


Exclude Layers

Any layers listed in this window will be ignored by Router-CIM Automation Suite for the purpose of cutting and nesting.  You can include dimension layers here for example as you might have them in a drawing but do not want to cut or nest them.