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Edit Knowledge


Router-CIM Toolbar:   mac2cf12


Router-CIM Ribbon: EditKnow


Keyboard:        KE



Editing a Selected Knowledge


Selecting this icon from the Router-CIM toolbar will bring you to the interface below.


You may also select DOIT Edit from the Control Panel.





This displays the Knowledge Editor.




Using the Knowledge Editor


Making a knowledge current

To make a Knowledge current in the Status Page, select it from the list so that it is highlighted.




Then select 'Make Current', and the knowledge will be shown on the Control Panel.





Rename a Knowledge


To Rename a Knowledge, first select it in the window to make it current, then enter the new name in the appropriate box at the bottom left of the window.




Click on the 'Rename' button




The knowledge now appears in the list under the new name.



Deleting a Knowledge


Delete a Knowledge by selecting it in the window to make it current and then click on the 'Delete' button.




The Knowledge is deleted from the available selections.






Knowledge Quick Edit


The Knowledge Quick Edit will allow you to change certain parameters of the selected knowledge and re-save it to the list without changing its name.  This has the benefit of allowing you to change items like a tool number or tool, and then be back in the Knowledge Editor with those changes saved.


Select a knowledge from the list so that it is highlighted.




Now select the 'OK' button.


The Control Panel is displayed, with only certain items available to you.  You can change a tool, tool description, cycle, cycle parameters.  You cannot Geoshape, Start Point Edit, even Cut is not allowed.




Change the tool to a 1" end mill and the description, and click on 'Save' in the Knowledge section, and you are returned to the Knowledge Editor with your changes intact.





When no Knowledges are selected, click on 'OK' to leave the Knowledge Editor.