Router-CIM Automation



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Cycle Descriptions


Each of the cut cycles in Router-CIM have particular settings to allow their use with minimal setup.  Still, some explanation of these cycles is necessary to enable a full understanding of their parameters.


Each of the parameters available for each cycle is listed and the possible entries shown.


The Cycles are listed according to their functionality.  Profiling cycles, Drilling and Hole Cutting cycles, Pocketing cycles, Open Shape cycles, NURBS cycles, and then Specialty cycles.


Profiling cycles

Plunge-Outside-Icon Plunge-Inside-Icon Plunge-Ouside LineLeads-Icon Ramp-Outside-Icon

Ramp-Inside-Icon RcimCycles_072 RcimCycles_073 RcimCycles_075

RcimCycles_076 RcimCycles_116 RcimCycles_117 RcimCycles_119

RcimCycles_120 RcimCycles_121 RcimCycles_122 RcimCycles_125

RcimCycles_126 RcimCycles_127 RcimCycles_128


Drilling and Hole Cutting cycles

RcimCycles_082 RcimCycles_084 RcimCycles_085 RcimCycles_086

RcimCycles_087 RcimCycles_088 RcimCycles_089 RcimCycles_090

RcimCycles_080   RcimCycles_081


Pocketing cycles

RcimCycles_099 RcimCycles_100 RcimCycles_101 RcimCycles_102

RcimCycles_103 RcimCycles_110 RcimCycles_111 RcimCycles_112



Center Line and Open Shape cycles

RcimCycles_074 RcimCycles_077 RcimCycles_078 RcimCycles_091

RcimCycles_123 RcimCycles_118 RcimCycles_114 RcimCycles_115


NURBS cycles

RcimCycles_105 RcimCycles_106 RcimCycles_107 RcimCycles_108



Specialty cutting cycles

RcimCycles_093 RcimCycles_094 RcimCycles_095


RcimCycles_079 RcimCycles_124 RcimCycles_129