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Cutting Text (LetterEase)


Cutting text involves the use of a tool called LetterEase. This tool can be selected from the Router-CIM toolbar. Letterease allows you to select different text styles, and then explode them into lines and arcs so that you can Geoshape and cut.


Router-CIM Toolbar:   Letterease


Router-CIM Ribbon: LetterEase


Keyboard:        LE


To use the standard Fonts that come with AutoCAD, select a Text Style.




From the Text Style box, you can preview and select a new text style, set the height, width, angle, etc. for your new lettering.


Next apply the lettering to the drawing with the DTEXT (Draw > Single Line Text).





You can Geoshape this text, after you explode it.  To explode the text, pick the LE button on the Router-CIM toolbar.




Type X for Explode to convert the text to polylines and polyline arcs.




Once the text is exploded, you can Geoshape the text to make it ready for cutting.




Once the text is Geoshaped, select a tool, cycle and set the status information to create tool paths.