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Cutting files from a Spreadsheet in Router-CIM Automation Suite using Right-Click


To run Router-CIM Automation Suite jobs from an XLS or XLSX file, you must have a minimum of 3 columns, the Part Name, Part Material, and Quantity. Additional information can be in the XLS or XLSX. Some job/part settings can be set in the XLS or XLSX or as job defaults explained in step one below. Here is a list of items that can be imported from an XLS or XLSX:


Ignore the Column

Part name

Part material


X dimension

Y dimension

Z dimension

Ignore panel

Backside (several values here affect how the part is cut: 0=nest part, 1=has an associated backside macro, 2=code as single part, 3=not used, 4=nest and code single part, 5=is an irregular stock shape)


Label field 1

Label field 2

Label field 3

Label field 4

Label field 5

Label field 6

Label field 7

Label field 8

Rotate part

Rotate angle

Knowledge drawing

Doit file

Post processor

Print nests

Print single parts

Job name

Filler quantity

Start point on longest side

Nest Rotation

Variable (For Parametric Macros)


To use the right click, cut with Router-CIM Automation Suite on an XLS or XLSX file you must have some defaults set first.


1) Set up a Router-CIM Automation Suite job with the desired knowledge, DOIT, post processor, and nesting options.

 Then pick Tools pull down, and Save Current Settings as Job Default Settings




2) Import an XLS or XLSX using the Import Wizard

 Select the 'Excel and Comma Delimited' import

 Set up each column to match the column information provided in the file.




3) Save this mapping layout and give it a name by picking 'Save format (header rows and column settings)'

 Enter a name for this (your default) import format:




4) Set Router-CIM Automation Suite to use that default Import Wizard format.

 Pick File, then Settings.

 Then pick the 'Import Wizard Settings' tab.

 Select the correct Right-Click drop down for the type of file you are using and select the format that you saved in the previous step.

 Exit Automation


Import Wizard Settings



5) Right click on an XLS or XLSX and pick 'Cut with Router-CIM Automation Suite'

The format you set as default will be used to map out the XLS or XLSX file you selected. Router-CIM Automation Suite will build a job using the job defaults you set up in the first step, and then import the XLS or XLSX knowing what data is in each column because of the default import format that you set in step four.