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Convert IR Stock




ConvertIrStock is a function that allows the user to convert the irregular stock profiles in DXF file format to irregular stocks (.STK file format).


Similarly, it allows user to convert irregular stocks (.STK file format) back into DXF format.


Select the ConvertIrStock command icon from the icon menu within the AutoCAD drawing session.


The following dialog box will appear:




Each dialog box input option is described in the following listing:


IR-Stock Directory

Display the default irregular stock directory set at Sysdata.

The irregular stock directory is the same as the Parts directory. In this case, it is also the target directory where all converted .stk files will be saved.

DXF File Directory

To type in or click on the Nesting_Browse button to choose a directory where the source file are located.



Select this radio button to convert DXF files to STK files.



Select this radio button to convert STK files to DXF files.

Available DXF/STK File

The available files in the directory. (This will depend on which option has been chosen). You can select one or more files to be converted by highlighting the filenames and then clicking the BatchTable3 button. By clicking the BatchTable4 button, all the files in the directory will be selected.

Selected DXF/STK File

This list box displays the selected files for the conversion. You can unselect the filenames by clicking the BatchTable5 button to remove the files from the “Selected Parts” list (but the files still remain on the “Available Parts” list) or click the BatchTable6 button to remove all files.

Click the Convert_Button button to initiate conversion process.

Ignore Holes and Cut-outs

If this check-box is marked, holes and cut-outs will not be converted.

Converted (STK/DXF) File

This will show files that have been converted successfully.


Click this icon to view error messages, if any. This is especially helpful as it will give a list of the filenames that cannot be converted for certain reasons.