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ASCII Modals

This type of modal is referred to as modal type 0 in the postprocessor.  This type of modal is appropriate for most codes represented in text.  The general format of an ASCII modal code is:


Some modal G-codes can cancel other modal G-codes.  The most common example is the G01 modal code.  After a circular arc code G02 or G03, the G01 must be reissued to the controller.  In effect, the G02 or G03 cancel the G01 modal code in the controller.

This disabling of a modal code is controlled by the 'M' switch on the G02 and G03 codes:


tells the postprocessor that when a counterclockwise arc is processed, G02 is modal and cancels out the modal definitions for the $PP entries "LINEAR" and "RAPID".  The $PP file ROUTER.$PP uses this standard definition.


NC Code


G01 X3. Y4.

Cut a line to 3,4

X2. Y2.

Cut a line to 2,2. G01 not needed

G03 X5. Y5. I1. J1.

Cut an arc. G01,G00 canceled

G01 X9. X9.

Cut a line to 9,9. G01 needed